Development of Sport Expertise

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1. Ericsson et al (1993)

  • Footballers don't require 2 extra years of delivberate practice at 14
  • 10000 hours of deliberate practice in 10 years
  • Early specification involves starting training from 5-7 years old
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2. Chase and Simon (1973) Memory task found

  • experts have better recollection in domain-specific situations (chunking). Weren't better in random recollection task.
  • experts have better pattern-recognition. They don't have long quiet eye periods

3. Ford et al (2012

  • Spanish footballers don't see deliberate practice till 11+
  • Brazil footballers don't see deliberate practice till 11+
  • Irish footballers don't see deliberate practice till 11+

4. What did Storkes (2013) say

  • Sport expertise is the ability to perform superiorly
  • Footballers don't need power
  • Nature argument can be seen through the type II fibres in black athletes

5. McArdle et al (2010)

  • Black athletes have a greater type II composition and these fibres allow greater trainability
  • McArdle's disease in black athlete causes glucose store depletion


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