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Eyewitness testimony

Factors influencing witnessing an event:

Inattention blindness; weapon focus

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Loftus & Palmer (1974)

Participants see a video of a car collision and are asked about how fast the car was going using multiple verbs: "about how fast were they going when they ... each other?"

  • Contacted
  • Bumped
  • Collided
  • Hit
  • Smashed
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Processes of attention & memory in eyewitness perf


  • Highly selective (e.g. inattention blindness)


  • Influenced by attention
  • Malleable - forgetting and change occurs
  • Influence by how it is retrieved (e.g. Loftus and Palmer, 1974)
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Eyewitness performance in sports?


  • Influence of attention and memory processes
  • Includes expertise, inattention blindness


  • Players do not typically have to report what they see, as referees do, but perception and memory will be affected similarly by expertise, inattention blindness
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