Case Study and PS

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    • The study of a case within a real-life contemporary context
    • Focuses on events/behaviours that occur, the effects of interventions and psychological constructs.
    • Large amounts of info gathered on small amounts of participants
    • WHY are they needed?
      • In-depth exploration of a variety of issues
      • Accumulate knowledge about how to apply scientific principles in sport
      • Support development of interventions for improving performance
    • Main Features
      • Single or Multiple
      • Intrinsic
        • Study of a case where the case itself is the main focus
      • Instrumental
        • Facilitates understanding of something else
    • Types of Case Study
      • Determined by purpose and size of case
      • Intrinsic
        • Focus on person, event, intervention to explain context
      • Instrumental
        • Focus on issue then find someone to support
    • HOW To Conduct
      • Data collection - interviews, documents, surveys, observation
      • Method of analysis - within-case analysis, cross-case analysis
    • Practical Significance
      • Ask participant for their views
      • Extent to which results are useful in real world
    • HOW to measure PS
      • Social Validation Questionnaire
        • Assesses percieved benefits of intervention
        • Encourages client reflection
        • Questions to ask...
          • How useful was intervention?
          • How important was it?
          • Has your practice changed as a result?


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