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2. What did The USA do about this?

  • They gave them no military support, but $20 million food and aid
  • An airlift
  • Nothing
  • Gave them 170,000 tonnes a day of supplies

3. In October East Germany became known as what?

  • Taylor Swift
  • DRG (Democratic Republic of Germany)
  • GDR (German Democratic Republic)
  • RDG (Republic Democrats of Germany)

4. In September West Germany became a separate country - also known as what?

  • FRG (Ferderal Republic of Germany)
  • FRW (Federal Republic of the West)
  • FDR (Federal Republic of Germany)
  • Robert

5. Who became the next Hungarian leader?

  • Kadar
  • Churchill
  • Rakosi
  • Nagy


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