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the origins of the cold war…read more

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the cold war pre 1945
USA suspicious of USSR USSR suspicious of USA
· They're communist ­ red scare · USA supported white Russians
during the Russian civil war 1918-
· The USSR wanted a communist 1921.
takeover · They weren't invited to the treaty of
· They signed a non-aggression Versailles 1919 or Paris peace
conference 1920
pact with Germany in 1939
· Weren't invited to the Munich
· They wouldn't take troops out of agreement of 1938, which allowed
eastern Europe although they'd Germany to occupy the
won the war Sudetenland, despite them having
an agreement to uphold their
borders.…read more

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4th - 11th February 1945, Yalta, Crimea, USSR
Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt
Stalin wanted reparations. Churchill + FDR didn't think this was a good idea
because of where the treaty of Versailles made them end up. Agreed that stalin
could take reparations in kind and goods.
Germany split into 4 and demilitarised
Eastern Europe under `soviet influence'
Poland moved west
They all joined the UN
All countries freed from Germany would have FREE DEMOCRATIC ELECTIONS
USSR would join war against japan when they beat Germany…read more

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Changes between Yalta and Potsdam
· Churchill Atlee
· FDR dies Truman who is `tough on communism'
· War in Europe over, no common aim, no longer Allies
· Eastern Europe under Stalin's control. US don't like this but cant
stop it
· US have an atomic bomb which they test on 16th July 1945 don't
need Stalin in Japan can be as tough on communism as they
like!!!!!!…read more

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July ­ August 1945, Potsdam, Germany
Again agreed that Nazi war criminals would be put on trial
Confirmation of Poland's new borders
Stalin wanted to cripple Germany but the US and Britain wanted it strong
to prevent another war
Stalin wanted more reparations but the West limited what he could have
West didn't like Stalin's `buffer zones' or `sphere of influence'
West didn't allow Stalin a naval base in the Mediterranean.…read more

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th th
6 + 9 August 1945
The USA drop two atomic
bombs on Japan.
WWII ends.
Stalin is v angry as Truman
hadn't told him and the
US were ahead in the
arms race.…read more

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