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The Cold War was known as...
A war of ideologies
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The USA was...
Capitalist, a Democracy, The World's Richest Country
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The USSR was...
Communist, a Dictatorship, The World's Largest Country
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The Yalta Conference was...
February 1945
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The Potsdam Conference was...
July 1945
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At Yalta what was agreed?
Germany was to be divided into four zones... Berlin was to be divided into four zones... The countries of Eastern Europe were to be allowed to have free elections... The USSR would join the War against Japan
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At Potsdam what was agreed?
The Nazi Party was to be banned... The Oder-Neisse was to form the border between Polan and Germany
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At Potsdam what was disagreed?
Stalin was disallowed a Naval base in the Mediterranean... Stalin wanted more reparations from Germany...
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What increased tension at Potsdam?
America had hidden the fact that the atom bomb had been tested.
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What was the Iron Curtain?
A metaphorical curtain that was said by Churchill to have come down over Europe. The countries of eastern europe becam known as the Satellite states or buffer zone.
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Which Country was not fully apart of the Satellite states until 1948
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When did the Truman Doctrine come into act...
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What was the purpose of the Truman Doctrine?
To contain communism in Europe. The USA got involved in Greece to restore the King to power (ending 1949)... The USA helped Turkey keep ahold of the Dardanelles.
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What did Truman say?
'I believe it must be the policy of the USA to support all free people who are resisting attempted subjugation by armerd minorities or by outside pressure'
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What was the Marshall Plan
The spending of $17 Billion to help recover the economies of Europe and to contain Communism
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When did Marshall Plan come into action?
April 1948
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How many countries accepted Marshall Aid?
16 - All WESTERN
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What was Cominform?
Cominform was set up in 1947 as a communist version of the Marshall Plan
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What was Comecon?
Set up in 1949 by Stalin to trade between the communist countries, favouring the USSR
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When was the Berlin Blockade?
24 June 1948 - 12 May 1949
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What was the Berlin Blockade?
The Berlin Blockade cut off the rail and road links between the West and Western Berlin. Any interception of these boarders would have been seen as an act of War.
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What caused the Blockade?
The creation of Bizonia. Stalin saw it as dollar imperialism
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What was the USA doing during the Blockade?
Planes were landing every 3 minutes with nearly 13,000 tonnes of Supplies in 24 hours
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What was NATO?
NATO was set up in 1949 as The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. Alliancing western Europe
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Nuclear Arms Race...
1945-149 only America possessed atomic weapons. 1949 - Stalin successfully tested an atomic bomb. 1952 - USA detonated first Hydrogen Bomb. 1953 - USSR test hydrogen bomb.
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What did Stalin do in 1950 with China?
Signed a 30- year treaty of friendship with Mao Zedong
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The Warsaw Pact was...
an Organisation set up by Krushchev as a relatiation to NATO
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What was the Domino Theory?
The thought of communism spreading across Europe
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The Thaw?
Improvement between relationships between the super power in the mid 50s
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Capitalist, a Democracy, The World's Richest Country


The USA was...

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Communist, a Dictatorship, The World's Largest Country


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