79-77BC Cicero's Years Out

Cicero's years out after the Sextus Roscius trial

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Cicero Abroad

After the Roscius trial Cicero went to study abroad. The reasons for this aren't perfectly clear. Some sources say that his life was in danger due to the speech he gave in the trial. However other sources say that the physical strain the trial put him under meant he needed time to rest and build his health back up. His oratory skills were less than refined and the speech he gave would have taken a lot out of him.

On his years out he was accompained by his brother Quintus, cousin Lucious and some friends. It is possible his wife Terentia came with them however no one is sure.

The group headed to Greek East and Asia Minor. Cicero arrived first at Athens where he studied with philosiphers and rhetoricans. Because of this trainning he made Greek philosophy accessable to a Roman audience.

Cicero and the group travelled through Asia Minor before moving to Rhodes where he attached himself to Molo, here he underwent a massive change in his oratory style. The transformation was what he needed to succeed in his career.

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Cicero Returns

When Cicero returned in the middle of 77BC he had lost his flamboyancy. He now talked to groups in the crowd, using sudden changes to keep their attention.

Cicero used authority, command and expression to work the crowd. He no longer moved all over the stage, using up his energy. He brought to Rome a new, sophisticated way of oratory.

Cicero did not take off from where he left his career. He now had his eye firmly on a political career.

At 30 he was allocated Quaestor of Sicily where his career really began to take off.

Cicero was at the youngest possible age for the Quaestorship. He was suo anno. (In his year.)

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