Cicero's Life and Letters Quote

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  1. To Pompey, Asia Minor 
  • 62 B.C.
  • After the Catilinarian Conspiracy 
  • “Life everybody else I was delighted with your official dispatch”
  • “I have achieved things […] in view of our relationship and the national interest”
  • “the reaction to what I did to save our country has been universally favourable”
  • “I am confident […] let me join you as a political ally”
  • “you being much greater than Scipio Aemilianus, and myself not much inferior to Laelius!”

    2. To Atticus, on his way to Epirus

  • July 59 B.C.
  • Reaction to Caesar’s consulship
  • “Only one man opens his mouth and speaks against them publicly and that is young Curio.”
  • “there can be no hope of either private individuals or even state officials being free for much longer.”
  • “on all sides there is nothing but utter despair.”
  • “The Campanian law ordains that candidates for official posts put themselves under a curse if their election speeches make any mention of land being occupied on different terms from those laid down by Caesar’s legislation.”
  • “I cannot bear to write any more about politics. I am disgusted with myself and find writing about it extremely painful.”
  • “Caesar very generously proposes that I should join his staff.”
  • “offers to send me on a mission at state expense”
  • “I hate the idea of running away”
  • “I wish you were here – I long for you to be. Then I should not feel so short of advice and consolation.”

    3. To Terentia

  • November 58 B.C.
  • Cicero left for Greece in exile 
  • “how unbelievably brave and strong you are being”
  • “you are refusing to allow your troubles either of mind or of body to exhaust you”
  • “How unhappy it makes me that you with your courage, loyalty, honesty, and kindness should have suffered all these miseries because of me!”
  • “darling daughter […] her father who used to give her so many pleasures!”
  • “But it is all my own fault!”
  • “[…]as for those who did want me, I refused to join them. If only I had acted upon my own judgement.”
  • “if we can rely on all the tribunes, and on Lentulus being as friendly as he seems to be, and above all on Pompey and Caesar, there is no need to despair.”
  • “If I ever see that day, and come into your arms, and get you back as well as myself, then indeed I shall really feel that our loyalty to one another has been rewarded!”
  • 25 November 58 B.C.
  • “I have come to Dyrrhachium”

    4. To Atticus

  • May 56 B.C.
  • Following conference at Luca, and Palinode 
  • “One simply cannot credit the treacherous behaviour of those ‘leaders’ – as they claim to be, and would be if there was any loyalty in them.”
  • “I had decided to work with them politically. But they have turned out exactly the same as ever.”
  • “the fact is that I wanted to commit myself thoroughly to this new alignment, so that I should deprive myself of any chance of slipping back…


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