Chemistry unit 1 compounds and using limestone

this helps basic knowledge of compound and limestone for AQA exam

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1. When differet elements react, what do they form?

  • chicken nuggets
  • ionic bonds
  • chemical bonds to form compounds
  • positive ions
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2. making bonds involve.......

  • taking or sharing electrons
  • taking or sharing protons
  • taking or sharing neutrons

3. metal atoms lose electrons to form positive ions?

  • True
  • False

4. A covalent bond is.......

  • when atoms share electrons
  • some atoms lose electrons
  • electrons and protons weigh the same

5. limestone provides things that people want like....

  • a rock to sit on
  • dyes, houses and medicines
  • a beach
  • cushions and rugs
  • glass


lisa linsdell


Handy multi-choice questions to help support this revision topic. Foundation level type questions

Izzy Mason



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