Case Study: Dubai

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1. What did it's geographical proximity to India make it?

  • Trading center between Asia and Europe, some traders settled in the country.
  • Join governments
  • Build a bridge between the two countries
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2. What happened in 1996?

  • Oil was discovered. Industrial + Port development followed, and a new port was built at Jebel Ali
  • They had a major earthquake resulting in 79 deaths
  • They discovered gold underground

3. What happened between 1968 and 1975?

  • The population of Dubai city doubled, as foreign workers moved there
  • The population of Dubai city quadrupled, as foreign workers moved there.
  • They created the first laptop

4. Where is Dubai?

  • U.A.E - Persian Gulf Coast
  • U.A.E - English Channel Coast
  • U.A.E - North Pacific Ocean


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