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What makes cities grow?

Urban growth is caused by:
· Natural population growth (an excess of births over deaths)
· Net migration (an excess of inward migration from rural areas to cities)

People move to the city for a variety of reason:
· job opportunities
· earning money to send…

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· about 3% of the total Dubai population was categorised as "western"
· CBR 2005 13.6% while CDR is about 1%

Pull factors:
· good work
· accommodation
· better lifestyle
· average pay ­ unskilled labourer $4 a day (enough to get out of the
impoverished lifestyle

Push factors:…

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· class, education culture
· the balance between shortterm and longterm plans

Societal factors:
· planning regulations
· economic opportunities for landowners and builders
· wealth within the area
· physical factors (flooding risk, slop, stability of ground)
· historical factors from previous development of the area
· competition for…

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This includes data sets for:
· age
· approximate social grade
· country of birth
· distance travelled to work
· ethnic group
· general health
· household composition
· tenure
Age data is particularly useful for drawing population pyramids to compare age


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