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2. True point data

  • size of areas of point symbol
  • Area of point symbols
  • Data measured at point locations e.g. temp @ weather stations
  • collected over areas but conceived as of being located at points for purposes of symbolization

3. What did Ptolemy's Geographia create?

  • Suggested Earth as sphere
  • North, West, East and South
  • Latitude and Longitude
  • Grid North, True North and Magnetic North

4. Aristole suggested the Earth was a sphere, but what observations supported his theory?

  • Based on the curvature of the Earth
  • Sun is spherical
  • Ships got smaller as they went over the horizon and the moon is spherical
  • Ships got bigger as they went over the horizon and the moon is spherical

5. Geographic Information Systems are;

  • Mona Lisa
  • representations of the world as a surface divided into regular grid of cells
  • Organised collections of computer hardware, software, data and people to efficiently capture, store, manipulate, analyse and visualise data
  • Representations of the world as; points, lines and polygons


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