Cartography and Digital Mapping

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1. Thematic maps

  • Represent a specific, single type of data
  • Represent multiple types of vector data
  • Represent multiple types of information
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2. Georeferencing is'

  • Correcting remote sensing images of moving geometric distortion by motion of sensors or earth
  • Correcting spatial data
  • Tabular and/textual data describing characteristics of map feature
  • Correcting attribute data

3. Conformal projections

  • Preserve local angles
  • Preserve area
  • Balance between distortion and aesthetics

4. Spatial data represents;

  • Tells us where a feature is
  • As a surface divided into regular grid of cells
  • Points lines and polygones
  • attribute data

5. Distance cartogram

  • Real world distances distorted to reflect an attribute
  • Scale administative units as a function of the value of an attribute


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