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What two data types does GIS store?
spatial information and non-spatial attribute information
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GIS is not just a _____________ mapping package
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What does LiDAR stand for?
Landsat, imagery, Aerial light detection and Ranging
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Spatial data=
Absolute geographical location
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Non-spatial (Attribute) data=
Characteristics of Spatial features
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Layers can also be referred to as:
Shape files
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Are Vectors and Rasters....
Spatial data
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treat each object as an individual
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Raster data______
captures everything in a single layer
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The distortion of an image is referred to as a:
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South and West have
negative grid values
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North and east have
Positive values up to +90
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The quality of rasters are better when
cells are small
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Full colour photographs are referred to as
RGB rasters
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Vectors are composed of
Nodes or Vertices (Points and Lines)
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Vertices joint by lines can create____________
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Grades of cells repersent
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Georeferencing allows you to
match old maps with current spatial data with figures which cannot have moved
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Global Positioning Systems
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GPS is based on
orbiting satellites
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RS stands for
Remote Sensing
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Which data type is best suited to Repost Sensing?
Raster Data
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Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) are
Remote sensing platforms
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How long does a satellite take to orbit the earth
90 min
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Data Base Management System
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Unions and Intersections
Join Attribute Data
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Thematic data is based upon
Idenical Values
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Maxine is an SDM method
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Species Distribution Model
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Jackknife allows you to Identify
the order of importance of variables
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GIS is not just a _____________ mapping package



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What does LiDAR stand for?


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Spatial data=


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Non-spatial (Attribute) data=


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