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6. Comprimise projection

  • Preserve local angles
  • Balance between distortion and aesthetics
  • Preserve area

7. Thematic maps

  • Represent a specific, single type of data
  • Represent multiple types of vector data
  • Represent multiple types of information

8. Internet

  • Global network of computers
  • private, corporate networks

9. Distance cartogram

  • Real world distances distorted to reflect an attribute
  • Scale administative units as a function of the value of an attribute

10. Colour hue is;

  • The electromagnetic energy wavelength
  • Lightness/darkness of hue
  • Saturation

11. Meridans

  • Constant latitude
  • a circle of constant longitude passing through a given place on the earth's surface and the terrestrial poles.
  • Circle crossing equator to tropics

12. Dot map

  • Small symbol of uniform size are used to emphasize spatial patterns of phenomenon
  • pereptual scaling
  • Larger symbols over estimated

13. Equal area projections

  • Preserve area
  • Preserve local angles

14. A spatial map is

  • The internalized spatial representation
  • map purposely designed to distort geographic space based on values of a theme

15. Cartogram

  • map purposely designed to distort geographic space based on values of a theme
  • internalized spatial representation

16. General purpose maps

  • Represent multiple types of information
  • Represent multiple types of raster data
  • Represent specific, 1 type
  • Represent nothing

17. Colour value is;

  • Saturation
  • Lightness/darkness
  • Electromagnetic energy wavelength

18. The first topographic map was based in

  • Germany
  • France and England
  • France
  • Spain and Portugal

19. True point data

  • size of areas of point symbol
  • Data measured at point locations e.g. temp @ weather stations
  • collected over areas but conceived as of being located at points for purposes of symbolization
  • Area of point symbols

20. Mercator

  • A conformal, cylindrical projection
  • An equal area; pseudocylindrical projection
  • A comprimise; cylindrical projection