Carbohydrates Key Terms

Starch is...
an insoluble store of glucose in plants formed from two glucose polymers, amylose and amylopectin.
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A monosaccharide is...
a single sugar unit.
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A glycosidic bond is...
a bond formed by a condensation reaction that joins two monosaccharides.
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Carbohydrates are...
important biological molecules that contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.
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Condensation reactions...
allow monosaccharides to make polysaccharides by removing a water molecule.
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Hydrolysis reactions...
allow polysaccharides to make monosaccharides by adding a water molecule.
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A disaccharide is...
a molecule made of two sugar units joined by a glycosidic bond.
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Amylopectin is...
a polymer of glucose molecules which has a branched structure.
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A polysaccharide is...
a polymer made up of lots of sugar units, joined together by glycosidic bonds.
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Amylose is...
a polymer of glucose which is unbranched and forms a spiral structure.
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Glycogen is...
the carbohydrate energy store in animals.
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A monosaccharide is...


a single sugar unit.

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A glycosidic bond is...


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Carbohydrates are...


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Condensation reactions...


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