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this is just AS biology questions that i made, i do it after i finish revising topics. It is really good to test what you know. Its based on the AQA Biology text book (Glenn Toole and susan Toole). I make it for most of my AS Subjects. The questions are in random order because i dont want people to get use to having topics in order, in the exam questions it will be randomly ordered, if you get what i mean.

The questions are from pathogens to diffusions..... I hope this helps and please leave a comment if it does.

by the way i am going to update this every now and then and i will download it on here if it helps :) Just let me know

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Biology Unit 1 Questions
1. What are Pathogens?
2. What is an Extrinsic Protein?
3. How do you test for starch?
4. What are non-competitive inhibitors?
5. What is a monosaccharide?
6. How do microorganisms get into the body?
7. Define the term risk?
8. What is the role of phospholipids?
9. What is hydrolysis?
10. What is the difference between facilitated diffusion and diffusion?
11.How do you Test for Lipids?
12.What are the factors that affect rate of diffusion?
13.What do you do before cell fractionation can occur and why?
14.How do pathogens cause diseases?
15.What is diffusion?
16.Provide 3 lifestyle choices that are factors of cancer?
17.What is the enzyme produced in the stomach?
18.What is Facilitates diffusion?
19. In phospholipids what is hydrophilic and hydrophobic?
20.Does correlation mean causation and explain your answer?
21.What is the test for reducing sugar and explain it?
22.Explain the tertiary structure of proteins.
23.What is cell fractionation?
24.What is Homogenation?
25.What is Intrinsic Protein?
26.What is fluid-mosaic ?
27.Explain the induced fit model of enzyme action?
28.What is Ultracentrifugation?
29.What is mono-saturated, saturated and poly-saturated
30.What are the monosaccharides for Maltose, lactose and Sucrose?
31.What is assimilation?

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What are competitive inhibitors?
33.Give the definition of resolution?
34.What are the elements in a carbohydrate polymer
35.What is the effect of PH on enzymes action?
36.Which microscope is the best and why?
37.What are lipids and what are the roles of lipids?
38.What is the difference between the rough endoplasmic reticulum and
smooth endoplasmic reticulum?
39.What are the chemical groups in an amino acid?
40.Describe the lock and key model of enzyme action.
41.How are peptide bonds formed?
42.Describe the mitochondria?
43.…read more


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