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2. What was wrong with Butler's budget in April 1955?

  • it was very expensive
  • it didnt solve stop go economics
  • it was a failed giveaway budget
  • it made the rich poorer

3. the reactions to the Suez crisis

  • Middle east said no more oil unless you pull out of Egypt
  • Edens's reputation ruined
  • humiliation for britain to have to retreat
  • the US refused to give us a loan unless we pull out

4. What tough decisions did Denis Healey make?

  • cancel the F111 with pressure from Roy Jenkins
  • completely withdrawal from asia all troops gone by 1971
  • reduced military commitments and expenditure
  • scrap the TSR2 designed to drop nuclear weapons on Russia
  • cut expenditure from 6% to 4%
  • Withdrawal from the Arab-Isreali war in the east of Suez in 1967

5. what were two controversial acts passed though race relations board november 1965

  • Race relations acts 1966 and 1968
  • act of interracial marriages
  • commonwealth immigrations act
  • British national act of 1948 brought in due to the SS empire Windrush which brought over almost 500 west indians from the Caribbean


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