British dates 1945-1970

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1. why was Britain rejected from the EEC in 1963?

  • Britain was too involved in the cold war
  • Charles De Gaulle feared our special relationship with the US and thought Britain cheap food policy would affect the French economy
  • De Gaulle didnt like us
  • The commonwealth didnt let Britain in
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2. what was Duncan sandy's white paper about?

  • to introduce conscription
  • better sea wall protection
  • reduce of conventional forces, use nuclear weapons as a deterrent and prop
  • to increase the military involvement in the cold war

3. what economic things did Wilson introduce?

  • butskellism was brought back
  • Department of Economic Affairs (DEA) and Prices and Income Board was set up in feb 1965
  • wage freezes
  • more inheritance tax

4. what were reactions to this?

  • the Nottinghill riots in 1958
  • in April 1968 Enoch Powell (Conservative politican) made his 'rivers of blood' speech about immigration
  • 75% of people didnt support interracial marriages and 4/5 wouldnt live next to an immigrant
  • London docker workers, smithfield meat porters and heathrow airport workers all showed their support for Powell and he recieved 20,000 letters in support.

5. what happened in November 1967?

  • bank rate raised to 16% crisis level which meant the sterling had to be devalued by 14%
  • the outbreak of the Arab-Israeli war broked the Suez canal which harmed trade
  • worst trade deficit ever
  • dock strikes in London and Merseyside


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