British dates 1945-1970

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1. what problems did Jim ( James) Callaghan face as Chancellor of the Exchequer?

  • one year freeze on wages while prices increased
  • Bank rate increased
  • seamen's union strike in 1966
  • Conservatives lefted it in too bad of a shape
  • protential devaluation ($2.80-$2.40) and balance of payment crisis
  • restrictions on hire purchase
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2. why did Labour win the 1945 election (conservative failures)

  • Conservatives were considered an inter-war government
  • government failed to provide 'a land fit for heroes'
  • Churchill was considered a war mongrel and people couldnt rely on him as a domestic politician
  • conservative government failed to stop the war with thier 'appeasement'policy
  • failed to manage the economy and unemployment
  • conservatives had a weak and unconvincing election campaign

3. what were the consequences of November 1967?

  • government spending was cut and reforms were put on hold
  • plans were drawn up for a stronger deflationary measures
  • taxation was raised on things like petrol, cigarettes and drinks
  • Foreign travel was made more expensive

4. What were the reasons for it?

  • nationalisation would mean we pay for it
  • we wanted to prove we were strong
  • to stop Nasser nationalising the suez canal which would limit our oil supply
  • Britain needed the canal for quick assess to the middle east's oil supply

5. who won the general election in 1970?

  • Conservatives - Edward Heath
  • Labour - Roy Jenkins
  • Labour - Harold Wilson
  • Liberals


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