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Attlee 1945 - 51
· 1945 Election ­ Represented the zeitgeist of the people.
· Lots of experienced members gained the respect of the electorate.
· Imbalance in the first past the post system worked in labours favour.
· All embracing party
· Pro labour teaching in the army.
· Daily mail decided to support labour ­ biggest circulation in the country.
· Conservative handicaps ­
· Churchill couldn't carry on war time popularity.
· Gestapo remark on broadcast
· Inglorious old policy of appeasement shamed the party.
· Failure to provide `land fit for heroes'
· Churchill wasn't seen as a domestic politician ­ people wanted it.…read more

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Attlee 1945 ­ 51 Government.
· Ernest Bevin ­ Foreign secretary, influential British
· Stafford Cripps ­ Chancellor of the exchequer during the
period of austerity after 1947.
· Herbert Morrison ­ Home secretary, running feud with
Aneurin Bevan.
· Aneurin Bevan ­ Left of the labour party, creator of the NHS
1948.…read more

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Attlee 1945 -51 Creation of the welfare
· Beverage report published 1942 ­ Single most
significant social policy document.
· Aims ­ Abolition of material want.
· Grants to ease financial hardship.
· Universal scheme of insurance.
· Defeat the five giants
No increase in public expenditure.
Programme ­
Labour turned attention to applying the report with a massive majority.
Blue print for social reconstruction
Came in to effect the summer of 1948.…read more

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Attlee 1945 - 51
· Main features of social policy. ­
· National insurance act of 1946 ­ universal government ­employer
­ employee contributions to a central fund. To which payments to
unemployed, sick and retired would come from
· National assistance Act of 1948 ­ personal means tests were
applied by regional office of a board. Deal directly and financially with cases
of hardship and poverty.
· Education Act of 1944 ­ Butler act
· Free education system tripartite, academically inclined and vocationally
· Family allowances act of 1945 ­ Weekly payment of five shillings
(25p) for every child after first. Directly to mother.
·750,000 new homes ­ September 1948…read more

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Attlee 1945-51 NHS 1946
· `Conspiracy against the people' Aneurin Bevan introduced it.
· Resistance - BMA British medical association.
· GP's feared the loss of their privileges and reduction of their income.
· 40,814 were against.
· Feared gov interferance.
Solution ­ `Stuffed their mouths with gold'
· Private practice would continue.
· Paid for each patient.
· Prive practitioners under NHS.
Delayed until 1948 ­ 90% of GP's had agreed to join.
Negatives - Bureaucracy - 1980's single largest employer, creation of
lots of unrelated administrative positions that didn't improve the company.
Dandruff syndrome : no limit to amount and type of treatment. Resources
wasted on trivial complaints.…read more

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