B542 OCR Psychology - Perception

A quick quiz to test you on the core study of perception.

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1. The core study was carried out by...?

  • Haber and Levin
  • Mednick et Al
  • Bowlby
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2. What was the aim of the study?

  • To test if university students have better vision than OAPs
  • To test if past experiences effect our perception
  • To test if eye sight decreases with age

3. What gender were the participants and how many were there?

  • 9 Male
  • 3 Female
  • 20 Male
  • 18 Female

4. How many fields of objects/shapes were there? (excludes the empty field)

  • 3
  • 5
  • 2

5. From the following list of objects, what object was in the field of UNDEFINED SIZED objects?

  • Christmas tree
  • Milk bottle
  • Door




A very useful quiz for before or after you've done some Perception revision!

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