OCR Psychology Topic Overview

This has all the topics in Psychology that are covered in OCR.

I have not added all of them because I have not studied them and they will be added later on.

Includes theories and studies

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  • OCR Psychology Overview
    • Memory
      • Key Concepts
      • Multistore model
      • Levels of processing
      • Terry study
      • Memory aids
    • Non-Verbal Communication
      • Key concepts
      • Social learning theory
      • Evolutionary theory
      • Yuki et al
      • Social skills training
    • Sex and Gender
      • Key concepts
      • Biological theory
      • Psychodynamic theory
      • Diamond and Sigmundson
      • Equal opportunities
    • Attachment
      • Bowlby
      • Key concepts
      • Behaviourism
      • Hazen and Shaver
      • Care of children in hospitals
    • Atypical Behaviour
      • Key Concepts
      • Behaviourist Theory
      • Evolutionary Theory
      • Little Albert
      • Behaviour therapy for phobias


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