AQA Biology B1.1: Keeping Healthy

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1. The skin prevents many pathogens entering the body. Which of the following is another bodily defence mechanism?

  • Salivary enzymes, such as amylase, break down the microorganisms until they're ineffective
  • Epidermal pores secrete a toxin deadly to most pathogens, but undetectable to us without scientific equipment
  • Pathogens become trapped by mucus, and are killed by the stomach's hydrochloric acid
  • The body's microvilli ingest and destroy pathogens
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2. Vaccines contain pathogens. True or false?

  • True: But only dead or inactive forms of them; in this way, immunity can develop at little or no risk to the patient
  • False: This would be an entirely unnecessary risk; immunity is developed more effectively without the presence of pathogens to elicit illness

3. A seemingly random alteration in the composition of genetic material during its mitotic replication in asexual reproduction is referred to as a...

  • Modification
  • Variation
  • Mutation
  • Skeuomorph

4. The two main types of pathogen are...

  • Viruses and bactrians
  • Bacteria and ventriculators
  • Bacteria and viruses
  • Bacteria and yeast

5. Who discovered penicillin, perhaps the most famous antibiotic?

  • Charles Darwin, FRS
  • Rosalind Franklin
  • Sir Alexander Fleming, FRSE, FRS, FRCS
  • Rt. Hon. Ernest Rutherord, Baron of Nelson, OM, FRS


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