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Balanced diet
A balanced diet should contain fats, proteins and
carbohydrates in roughly these amounts:
It should also contain water, vitamins, minerals and fibre.…read more

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Poor diets
If we don't have a balanced diet we may suffer form a
"deficiency symptom". You don't need to know all of these links
but they show what can happen to your body...
Lack of... Causes...
Vitamin D Anaemia
Protein Scurvy (bleeding gums and joints)
Vitamin C Weak bones and teeth
Vitamin A Wasting of body tissue
Iron Rickets
Calcium Poor night vision…read more

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Metabolic Rate and health
The rate at which our bodies carry out chemical reactions is
called the "metabolic rate". This rate varies with:
· The amount of work we do
· The amount of fat in our body
· Inherited factors
Condition How this affects our health
Lack of exercise Not enough exercise
increases the amount stored
at fat
Fatty diets Obesity,arthritus,high blood
pressure and heart disease.…read more

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Modern diets and health problems
% obesity in the UK
This happens when
the body is taking in
more energy then it
is "burning".…read more

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