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Biology Unit B1.1 Diet and exercise

A healthy diet contains the right balance of the different foods you need and the right amount of energy
and the different food groups are...

Carbohydrates and fats are needed to provide energy for your body chemistry to function correctly, and to
keep you…

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How our bodies defend themselves against infectious diseases


He worked in Vienna General Hospital in the 1840s and witnessed large numbers of women dying after
childbirth from a puerperal fever disease.
He thought that the hospital staff were spreading the disease via unwashed hands.
After instructing doctors and nurses…

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Antibiotics, including penicillin, are medicines that help to cure bacterial disease by killing infectious bacteria
inside the body.

Antibiotics cannot be used to kill viral pathogens (viruses)

Anti-viral drugs may attack good cells too, so it's difficult to develop drugs that kill viruses without also
damaging the body's tissues.



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