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2. How is Globalisation effecting the roles of Men and Women?

  • It's had little change on the roles of gender
  • Reduction in differences between the sexes
  • Increase segregation between the sexes

3. In the follow up study of Mead in 1949 what was found about male behaviour?

  • In all tribes males were more aggressive than females - innate
  • In all tribes males were dominant
  • In all tribes females were more aggressive - Innate

4. Who looked at Male superiority in tight knit communities?

  • Kelling
  • Berry et al
  • Loftus
  • Travis et al

5. In Meads study Men and Women from the Arapesh Tribe have what type of behaviour?

  • Gentle, responsive and cooperative
  • Aggressive and compete for dominance
  • Men - Dominant Females - Gathers


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