AQA A2 Psychology Unit 3 - Gender - Cultural Influences

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1. How is Globalisation effecting the roles of Men and Women?

  • It's had little change on the roles of gender
  • Reduction in differences between the sexes
  • Increase segregation between the sexes
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2. Who looked at Male superiority in tight knit communities?

  • Berry et al
  • Travis et al
  • Loftus
  • Kelling

3. What group did Medicine 1997 look at, and what did he find?

  • Where gender roles were not clear, Lakota tribe, Winkte - males who do not want to hunt
  • Full segregation of the sexes - no integration (Mundurucu Indians)
  • Mbuti Pygamies - Roles of sex have no effect on societal roles

4. Who criticised Mead for having socially desirable questions?

  • McCarthy
  • Freeman
  • Charmline
  • Davies

5. What did William and Best find in their study of 27 countries?

  • Equal roles in a majority of countries
  • Men = Dominant Women = Nurturing
  • Men = Main caregiver Women = Dominant


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