AQA A2 Psychology Unit 3 - Gender - Bio social approach

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1. What does Smith and Lloyds theory suggest about the colour of the babies clothes?

  • Which toys the child plays with indicates to the parents which gender the child is (Colour of clothes makes no difference)
  • How the child is labelled ( Through the colour clothing) determines how the child is socialised (Which toys)
  • How the child acts towards the parents determines the gender given
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2. Who looked at the case of Mr Blackwell and what was found?

  • Money & Erdhardt - Socialisation has a greater effect on gender than biology
  • Goldwyn - Even though his brain was chemically female, he believed he was a boy due to socialisation
  • Goldwyn - His brain was chemically female so was re-socialised to be female

3. Who supported Money & Erdhardt's claim that a child can change sex without any psychological harm?

  • Mazur et al - 5 Individuals Genetically male, but raised as females - even though acted slightly male still well ajusted
  • Mazur et al - 4 individuals Genetically male, but raised female - Had male behaviour but still well ajusted
  • Mckillip et al - 5 Individuals Genetically female but raised males - Well adjusted just with female tendences

4. How this theory not deterministic?

  • As it takes into account both the biological and social factors
  • As it takes into account both the cognitive and biological factors
  • As it takes into account all factors that determine gender both nature and nurture

5. Who looked at the Basista Family and how they naturally change from Females and Males?

  • Imperto-McGinley
  • South
  • Leighton & Rieffer
  • James et al


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