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2. Why is this theory retrospective?

  • As they are case studies and era dependant
  • As they are open to interpretation
  • As they are observations and case studies only

3. In which case was Nature stronger than Nurture? (Money 1974)

  • John/ Joan - Even though socialised as a girl and then re-socialised as a male = Psychological harm caused suicide
  • John/Jenny - Even though socialised as a Male and then re-socialised as a male still had psychological harm

4. What does Smith and Lloyds theory suggest about the colour of the babies clothes?

  • How the child is labelled ( Through the colour clothing) determines how the child is socialised (Which toys)
  • How the child acts towards the parents determines the gender given
  • Which toys the child plays with indicates to the parents which gender the child is (Colour of clothes makes no difference)

5. Who looked at the case of Mr Blackwell and what was found?

  • Goldwyn - Even though his brain was chemically female, he believed he was a boy due to socialisation
  • Goldwyn - His brain was chemically female so was re-socialised to be female
  • Money & Erdhardt - Socialisation has a greater effect on gender than biology


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