AQA A2 Psychology Unit 3 - Gender - Bio social approach

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1. Who supported Money & Erdhardt's claim that a child can change sex without any psychological harm?

  • Mazur et al - 5 Individuals Genetically male, but raised as females - even though acted slightly male still well ajusted
  • Mazur et al - 4 individuals Genetically male, but raised female - Had male behaviour but still well ajusted
  • Mckillip et al - 5 Individuals Genetically female but raised males - Well adjusted just with female tendences
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2. Who looked at the case of Mr Blackwell and what was found?

  • Goldwyn - Even though his brain was chemically female, he believed he was a boy due to socialisation
  • Goldwyn - His brain was chemically female so was re-socialised to be female
  • Money & Erdhardt - Socialisation has a greater effect on gender than biology

3. What does Smith and Lloyds theory show about parental interaction?

  • If the baby was dressed in pink, the parents would play with the child more roughly than if it was dressed in blue
  • If the baby was dressed in blue, parents tended to be more rough. If dressed in pink, they would use girls toys - Stereotyping
  • If the baby was dressed in blue, the parents would still play with both sets of gender toys and the same for if the baby was dressed in pink

4. Why can't these theories by generalised to all humans?

  • As they are case studies
  • As they are only observations
  • As they do not take into account all factors that determine gender

5. Who looked at the Basista Family and how they naturally change from Females and Males?

  • James et al
  • Imperto-McGinley
  • Leighton & Rieffer
  • South


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