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2. Augustus tells us in Res Gestae that he rebuilt the aqueducts. According Suetonius, which other emperors notably built aqueducts during their reigns?

  • Caligula, Claudius, Nero.
  • Tiberius, Titus, Domition

3. Rome was constantly setting on fire (or at least that's how it seems). After the Great Fire of 64AD, Suetonius tells us that Nero made provisions for better accommodation, but what other three measures did he take?

  • Porches built onto buildings to fight fires (Sue.) Fire proof stone and wider roads (Tacitus)
  • Set up firemen for the city and Began rebuilding after the fire (Sue) Helped to put out the fire (Cassius Dio)
  • Recruited firemen and allowed anyone who wanted to to rebuild their homes and divided city in districts to make fires easier to manage (Sue)

4. What did Juvenal say of houses/buildings under Domitian's reign?

  • Anyone who wanted to build themselves a house could.
  • "ruins poised to collapse"
  • "no magnificient public works"

5. Which emperor ordered "building of the harbor at Ostia" (Suetonius) ?

  • Augustus
  • Claudius
  • Vespasian


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