Roman Mythology


In the kingdom of Latium, Numinos was dethroned by his evil brother Amullius. As his first act as the king, Amullius banished Numinos’ daughter; Sylvia, and banisher her to the temple of Mars to live a life alone, so that she would never have sons that could dethrone him.

However, Sylvia married the god Mars, and had twin sons (Romulus and Remus). Amullius found out about the twin boys, and ordered two of his servants to kidnap the babies and drown them in the Tiber river. Yet, this didn’t work. The cradle stayed afloat on the river and they eventually got stuck on a clump of rushes. The cradle was soon found by a she-wolf who was passing by, and as the twins were crying, she took them in and raised them as her own. One day, (when they were about 10 years of age), the boys were found playing on the roads by a Shepard named Phascullus. 

Phascullus followed Romulus and Remus back to their cave, and was shocked at what he saw. Phascullus and his wife were childless, so he decided to take the boys in for himself. The twins grew handsome and strong, and they started performing good deeds for others, such as ambushing thieves and returning stolen goods to their rightful owners. Stories of their deeds spread far and wide, until the news reached Numinos. 

Unaware that the twins were his grandsons, Numinos asked to meet the boys. When Romulus and Remus told Numinos their story, he quickly realised who they were. Numinos told them to retake the throne for him, so that it could one day be theirs. 

So the twins gathered an army of people they had helped. This army attacked Amullius and his forces at their castle, and also rescued Romulus and Remus’ mother; Sylvia, from the temple of Mars. They were successful, and Numinos retook the throne. Romulus and Remus then built a great city at the base of the Tiber river to commemorate their victory. 

Although, they argued over the name of the city, as Remus wanted their city to named ‘Rem’, and Romulus wanted it to be called ‘Rome’; both after their own names. The brothers fought fiercely like wolves, as they had been taught to in their early upbringing. They fought so fiercely, that they only stopped fighting when Remus died. Therefore, the city would be called Rome. 

In time, Romulus was made king. The gods looked favourably upon Romulus, so when he died, he was made a god of war, who was known as Queranous.

Originally a small town on the banks of the Tiber, Rome grew in size and strength, early on, through trade. The location of the city provided merchants with an easily navigable waterway on


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