Architecture in Rome

Points and sources on the Architecture of each reign 

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As a demonstration of power
By building something what do the Emperors show?
Make their mark on Rome
Shows influence
Emphasizes their wealth
Propaganda ­ based on what they built
Shows personality of the emperor
Relationship with Rome (is it Selfish? Or is it for the people?)
(e.g. Aqueducts/ colosseum vs. Nero's Golden house)
Shows what each emperor values about their Rome
Think about economic reasons for buildings as well as how architecture
transforms Rome
Architecture is big and public and it can be altered- emperors have full
control over what they want to be shown (represented) in their reigns
All emperors had statues of themselves built
Temples were also built all around the provinces as a reminder of the power of
- Pantheon- Egyptian and Greek marble inside ­ emphasizes victory over
foreign places (control of the empire) also emphasizes wealth and power
- Built 82 temples (and restored) (Res Gestae)
- Temple of Peace (restored) ­ emphasizes importance of Religion and the
gods ­ good propaganda for Augustus's moral code and towards
emperors deification
- Aqueducts ­ Agrippa built them- basic necessities in public life ­ increase
the Emperors popularity- because they help the public
- Mausoleum ­ from Aeneas to Augustus represented there ­ again shows
connections and inheritance and connects him to the founder of Rome-
- Forum ­ imperial family on one side and all great figures (e.g. Romulus
and Remus) on the other side
links imperial family to important figures, and emphasizes their
importance in Roman history and general life ­ Rome's greatest family
Passes law to restrict house height to 60ft max.
Paid for things out of his own pocket
Lived in a moral house ­ simple like the plebs
Senators were in charge of looking after public buildings ­ uses them to do work
Senate involved in architecture but by beck and call of Augustus
"no significant works" (SUET)

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continued Aqueducts
Villa on Capri ­ no notable works in Rome because he was never there
Aqueducts ­ continued
Started building Circus ­ shows his personality ­ entertainment
Built a statue of himself out of the publics melted down coins ­ self
centered and a waste of public money (worship him)
Knocked off Caligula's face from statues and had them rebuilt with his
own face ­ statues of themselves increase the Emperors presence around
Rome and highlights their power
Port of Ostia…read more

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New Palace ­ had a public area ­ more accepted ­ "huge and
magnificent"(STATIUS) choice of wording by sources shows how the
buildings were received "splendid" similar to Nero's Golden house in that
it was big and expensive, however the addition of a public area made the
public and the sources accept it more.…read more


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