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As a demonstration of power
By building something what do the Emperors show?
Make their mark on Rome
Shows influence
Emphasizes their wealth
Propaganda ­ based on what they built
Shows personality of the emperor
Relationship with Rome (is it Selfish? Or is it for the people?)

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temple to Augustus
continued Aqueducts
Villa on Capri ­ no notable works in Rome because he was never there


Aqueducts ­ continued
Started building Circus ­ shows his personality ­ entertainment
Built a statue of himself out of the publics melted down coins ­ self
centered and a waste…

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New Palace ­ had a public area ­ more accepted ­ "huge and
magnificent"(STATIUS) choice of wording by sources shows how the
buildings were received "splendid" similar to Nero's Golden house in that
it was big and expensive, however the addition of a public area made the
public and…


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