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Res Gestae:
- "did not decline at a time of the greatest scarcity of grain, the charge of
grain supply"
- "Freed the entire people at my own expense"
- "I furnished from my own purse... tickets for grain and money"
- "controlled will of the senate"


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"frugal and close" (SUET)

2 instances of generosity to the public
offered to lend 100 sesterces for 3 years (no interest)
paid for losses of the fire on the Caelian mount

rarely allowed veteran soldiers their discharge

"he utterly neglected the conduct of state affairs"

"maintaining the ancient…

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"reluctant to render a decision to those who presented cases"

"did not discuss any matter with all his advisers in a body, but had each of them
give his opinion in written form; these he read silently and in private and then
gave a verdict according to his…

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Essay Structures:
To what extent did the emperors give the senate and individual
senators an effective role in the administration of the city of Rome?
Could be done by emperor with a complete analysis of change and
continuity of what roles they were given
Paragraph 1: Positions of the…


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