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The Senate
Administration - grain and building (Aqueducts)
Controlled some provinces
Swore in new Emperors -perpetuates idea that senate had control
Like Lawyers
Some senatorial rule in provinces
Public Appearances (Games / Circus wear best togas)


Res Gestae - "by the senate" "for the Senate"

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"Only Augustus was capable of bearing this burden"
Lackens Senate power and control over affairs

Focus was on fear- wants the Senate to fear him - punished senators without trial
used friendships and relationships to exert their power
- got senators to kill Sejanus ( by letter)
All trials…

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offices to run in their togas for several miles beside his chariot and to wait on
him at table" (SUET) humiliated the senators
-visual, demonstrates fear the senate had of him
-and Caligula's abuse of power
Probably not a true story but suet would've written it to evoke talk -…

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Suet ­ Nero declared enemy of the state ­ Senate wrote a letter to tell him
Dio ­ Nero declared enemy of the state ­ senators stormed in and told him to his
face and declared their own power
shows difference in how they want to present the Senate…


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