The Senate

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The Senate
Administration - grain and building (Aqueducts)
Controlled some provinces
Swore in new Emperors -perpetuates idea that senate had control
Like Lawyers
Some senatorial rule in provinces
Public Appearances (Games / Circus wear best togas)
Res Gestae - "by the senate" "for the Senate"
- principle of making it seem like the Senate still had power
- Augustus is creating a new form of government from the republic where the
Senate had power, so has to be careful not to make it obvious that they lose
- has to make it appear that he does everything because of the senate - prevents
the senate revolting and also means Augustus is able to transfer blame to them
Brought certain matters to the Senate (DIO)
- he gives them a little but not all enough to make them think they have power
Augustus divided administration amount a new section - created a new role
rather than giving more power to the senate (SUET)
Had control over who he wanted to do what -couldn't get blame if a job was done
effective for ROME but not for the SENATE
Individual senators more power e.g. Agrippa (personal loyalty)
Agrippa built lots -Aqueducts all over Rome
"he restored it to it's former limits and distinction by two enrolments" reduced
to 600 senators (SUET)
"When I administered my thirteenth consulate, the senate and the equestrian
order and roman people all called me father of the country, and voted that the
same be inscribed in the vestibule of my temple" RES GESTAE
"regular meetings of the senate should be held not oftener than twice a month"
Augustus's moral laws and reasoning for own power shows that he blames the
senate for the fall of the republic
DIO - made senators fix roads with their own money

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"Only Augustus was capable of bearing this burden"
Lackens Senate power and control over affairs
Focus was on fear- wants the Senate to fear him - punished senators without trial
used friendships and relationships to exert their power
- got senators to kill Sejanus ( by letter)
All trials were before senate not Tib (on Capri) shifts blame away from him
Only goes into senate house with armed guards
Tib made it sure the senate knew he hated/ didn't trust them and liked the…read more

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SUET) humiliated the senators
-visual, demonstrates fear the senate had of him
-and Caligula's abuse of power
Probably not a true story but suet would've written it to evoke talk - real or not it
would likely have a been a story from the time
He would sleep with Senators wives, at banquets he'd look around and if any of
them took his fancy he'd take them to the bedroom right then- angered the
"by a decree of the senate, he heaped upon his…read more

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Suet ­ Nero declared enemy of the state ­ Senate wrote a letter to tell him
Dio ­ Nero declared enemy of the state ­ senators stormed in and told him to his
face and declared their own power
shows difference in how they want to present the Senate
Suet had access to letters etc.…read more


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