Year 10 GCSE geogrphy - Unit 1 Dynamic Planet

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The worlds volcanoes and earthquakesare mostly suituated along plate boundaries. there are some exceptions, for example Hawaii, which is in the middle of a plate due to it being a hot spot.

The tectonic plates fit together like a jigsaw e.g. the african plate and the south american plate.

How can we tell that the plates were once joined together?

Fossils are a way of telling us that plate tectonics are real and not a thoery. Fossils of the same species found in different areas which proves they must have once been conected. Anouther reason we know this is true is because of patterns of rocks-geology. Similar patterns of rock layers on different continents is evidence that the rocks were once close together or joined.

Plate boundaries

The heat from the core heats the mantle above the heat rises then cools and falls back down.

Collison boundary: Convection currents in the mantle cause two continental crusts to move towards each other. As they meet they


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