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  • created by Sampson Kempthorn
  • designed to intimidate people
  • two designs; Y-Shape and Cruciform shape
  • Y-Shape was 2 or 3 storey's high, kitchen, workrooms, dining hall, master bedroom in the centre to overlook all activities
  • Cruciform was divided into 4 sections, segregating different classes of people, included workyards, exercise yards, kitchems, dorm rooms, aimed to look after 200-500 people but usually fitted around 1000
  • splitting up families was a must back then


  • although people thought the workhouse would just attract your average joe-pauper, it actually introduced more than one type of person
  • around 1/5 of all house mates were in the house for more than 5 years
  • they provided with long and short term relief

YOUNG PEOPLE - they would arrive for temporary relief if for instance there was a personal issue or weather related, they would move in or out several times a year

VAGRANTS - considered the lowest of low, would usually…


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