Opposition to the new Poor Law (1834)

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  • at this point, rumours were being spread like wildfire and fear thrives on such rumours which meant people were doubtful regarding the new Poor Law implemenation suggesting a big cause to why people revolted and opposed it
  • union workhouses were built generall away from most houses, this fuelled speculation that they were in fact extermination centres
  • the 'Book of Murder' was published which gave suggestions that children were being murdered by gassing in the workhouses
  • in Devon, poor people believed that some bread which was handed out contained poision which was a way to contain outdoor relief
  • rumours circulated that if you entered the workhouse with anymore than 3 children, they would be killed


  • all the fears above have some sort of truth to them
  • many attacked the centralisation of the Poor Law because the commissioners were mainly only focused on London, not really bothering with anything…


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