Rules and discipline in the workhouse

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  • medical inspections upon arrival of the workhouses were mandatory
  • families were separated
  • children were sent to workhouse schools until 10 years old then apprenticed
  • men given razors to shave but monitored by staff so no bodily harm and to make it feel like a prison
  • given a uniform, regardless if it fit or not
  • boring and monotomous work
  • aimed to rehabilitate the paupers so they could work again outside
  • mainly women and children had to work in the kitchen and laundry room
  • some work would involve unravelling rope, chopped wood and ground animal bones
  • the diet was lacking in nutrition and often not cooked properly
  • the Commissioners set a standard diet for workhouses to follow
  • until 1842, all meals were eaten in silence
  • before 1830s, most workhouses didn't have cutlery so people had to scoop their food
  • workhouses were…


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