Why was Hitler appointed Chancellor in January 1933?

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How far do you agree that Hitler became Chancellor in January 1933 primarily due to the electoral success of the Nazi Party?

Was due to electoral success

  • had lots of support
  • had the support of much of the working class
  • 1930 - Nazis gained support (810,000 2.6% to 16,409,000 18.3%)
  • July 1932: 37.3% of vote - von Papen Chancellor abolished Prussian regional government + helped Hitler to power 
  • Nazi vote increased so Hitler had a majority of support in the Reichstag from many key groups

Not successful due to electoral success

  • Nov 1932 elections - Nazis lost 2 million votes & 34 seats (230-196) - some middle class voters did not like the Nazi's attempts to secure working class support - lost support of a key group
  • state elections Nov/Dec 1932 - Nazis lost 40% of the vote in the Thuringian municipal elections
  • Hitler's presidential election attempt - went against Hindenburg in 1932, gaining less thatn 37% of the vote; not successful due to electoral…


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