Why the Liberals Introduced Social Reforms 1906-1914

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  • The Liberal Government, Dec 1905-May 1915, were the first Government in Britain to do anything systematic to help the poor
  • Social reforms helped children, old age pensioners, new laws to help workers and labour exchanges to help find jobs
  • Lloyd George's National Insurance Act, 1911 provided health and unemployment insurance for many
  • Each reform was in response to a particular problem
  • There were mixed motives behind them:

New Liberalism

  • Many left wing liberals realised the need for society reforms to help unemployed, old and sick
  • Influenced by J.A. Hobson and L. T. Hobhouse
  • Minority at first but then it became larger

Desire for Justice and Fairness

  • Many Liberals felt it was unfair 1/3 of the population was living in misery at such a prosperous time
  • Profits of most industrialists were increasing, wages made little change
  • Half total national income going into pockets of 1/9…


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