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Liberals; 1906-1914

The Liberal Reforms ­ Points to Note
~ They were an impressive legislative achievement
~ The Liberals were seen to be responding to specifically identified social problems
~ For the first time the state was interfering in matters previously considered to be the duty and
responsibility of the…

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~1911 National Insurance Act
1906 Education (Provision of Meals Act)
~ The problem of undernourished children had been noted since the 1890s
~ The issue ­ hungry children were physically weak and could not benefit properly from
~ The result was actually a Private Member's Bill (introduced by a…

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This became known as the Lloyd George money.

Lloyd George became determined to tackle the unemployment problem BUT found support
lacking as the economic situation had worsened. Unemployment was rising
~ Initial response was to set up Labour Exchanges to make finding work easier.
~ The govt. began a…

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~ By the time the Acts took effect in 1912 most of the poorer families would have benefitted
from at least some part of the scheme.
Certainly a significant safety net had been set up. The scheme was designed to help families at
the times when poverty was most likely…

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~ Introduce land taxes
~ Set up a road building fund, and introduce licenses for motor vehicles
~ Introduce child allowances at £10 for children under 16 ­ eligible for families on less that £500
The People's Budget 1909
~This was a major, but necessary piece of legislation.

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1910 Election
~ The election result was practically the same as previously in 1910 (272 Liberals, 272
Conservatives, 42 Labour, Unionists 84). Therefore Asquith would have to force the Bill through
Parliament. When in Aug 1911 Asquith threatened the mass creation of peers the bill was

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