Why was there so much racial inequality in the USA between 1929 and 1945?


The position of Black people in the 1930's

In the US Constituation it says that all people in the US are equal, but until 1963 this was ignored: Black people were slaves in the Southern States.

After the American civil war (1961/65), fought between the Northern States and the Southern States, the victorious North punished the South by changing the constituaton to make it even clearer that black people were:

  • Freed from slavery
  • Equal
  • Allowed to vote

The North knew it would hurt the South because the southern whites epended on the black slaves to work on the cottn, tobacco and sugar plantations. That is why the North did it. However, as anger over the war died down it became clear that the North did not really care about the black people because it let the South ignore the consituation and introduce the Jim Crow Laws.

Jim Crow Laws

The Him Crow Laws were named after a character in a plantation song that the black slaves used to sing. He allgedly had a white girlfriend which made him a hated figure in the South.

These laws were introduced by the state governments of the southern states after the Civil War to make ure that although black people were free from slavery, they would NEVER be equal to whites.

The laws:

  • SEGREGATED: this was the seperation of black people from whites. They would have to use seperate or seperate sections of buses, trains…


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