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America 19292000

Changing life in the USA

Wall Street Crash
The 1920s had been a period of success for people in the USA. As a result of the economic boom
many people had money to buy new goods such as cars and radios. But in 1929 the Wall Street

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2. Recovery ­ Policies to rebuild the economy that had suffered due to the
3. Reform ­ Legislation and laws to create a fairer society

During Roosevelt's `first 100 days' as president, he created a number of new departments to try
to tackle the problems and called them the…

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The NRA and the Wagner Act brought better working conditions for workers and introduced
trade unions (labor unions).
They intervened in the business of Americans.
The Supreme Court announced that the AAA and NRA were unconstitutional.
The AAA paid farmers not to produce food ­ "shoot the cows and…

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At the beginning of the 20th century many Americans felt that they did not need the
rest of the world, and after the First World War, the USA returned to its policy of
This meant that the USA would avoid being involved in any dispute that could lead

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By 1960, 25 per cent of the American people lived in suburbs. These people had a
television, a record player, swimming pools and cars. People bought on credit ­ this
increased 800 per cent between 1945 and 1957.
Between 194560 the number of people who had a car rose from…

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Five members of CREEP arrested, for breaking into Watergate.
Washington Post : Berstein and Woodward worked out they worked for CREEP.
The five burglars were charged in January 1973.
Watergate scandal was linked to the White House, Nixon denied all knowledge.
CIA investigate and demanded all tapes from Nixon's bugged…

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In his second term as President, Reagan continued with his policy of reducing taxes. But the
Government was now spending most of its money on a research programme to send arms
into space to protect America from a nuclear attack.
The name of the scheme was the Strategic Defence Initiative…

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What were the main social developments in the USA from

Changes in popular culture
The cinema and film stars
In the 1920s cinemas started being built and by 1930, 80 million people visited a cinema
every week.
In 1927 the film The Jazz Singer was the first talkie. In…

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The blues music reflected the life of poor black people.

In the 1940s the work of Rogers and Hammerstein made musicals popular, eg Oklahoma was a
show on Broadway and it was made into a film in 1955. It depicted the USA as a successful and
optimistic country.…

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The growth of the feminist movement
In 1963 Betty Friedan published The Feminine Mystique . This was a very important
book in terms of women's rights and the feminist movement.
Friedan said that women should have equal rights with men in every way and that
women should be able to…


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