War and victory in France and Scotland 1513-14

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The Battle of the Spurs - 1513

  • Henry lead the English army to carry out his campaign without the help of his allies.
  • Landed in Calais in July and formed an army of around 30,000 men.
  • Campaign began but H was unable to draw the French into Battle. However, his troops did succeed in capturing the towns of Thérouanne and Tournai.
  • Lead to peace treaty being signed in August 1914 - Henry got to keep the towns of Thérouanne and Tournai + the French King Louis XII married Henry's sister, Mary.

The Battle of Flodden - September 1513

  • the King's absense in France (Battle of the Spurs) provided the opportunity for the Scots to rise up and cross the English border.
  • Henry had left his wife, Catharine of Aaragon, as regent in his absense and the Earl of Surrey in control of the smaller army (between 15,000 and 20,000 men) that remained in England.
  • Surrey was waiting for James IV when he…


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