The First French War, 1512-14

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The First French War 1512-1513

War With France 1512-13

Henry was, to begin with, advised to avoid war at all cost. Prominent figures form Henry VII were quick to point out that war would preserve English security and as such a treaty was signed with France in 1510, much to the frustration of the new king. However he didnt have ot wait long to get his way. 

In 1508 the major European players (France, Spain, Empire and the Papacy) were brought together by Pope Julius the II (  in the Holy League not to be confused with the league of gentlemen an extremely funny television series (I recommend it, go check it out when you've finished revising). Henry the VII failed to get England into it. By 1511 France was clearly the biggest player in Europe and this got the Papacy worried. In order to restore the balance of power and recruited England into the league in an attempt to drive the French out. Henry was only too happy to oblige. 

In order to win over the Great Council, Henry made out that a war with France would be in the Papacy's interest. Parliament granted the money and in April 1512 an expeditionary force of around 12,000 troops under the Marquis of Dorset…


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