Victor Frankenstein



  • Alphonse and Caroline Frankenstein - parents.
  • Ernest and William - brothers.
  • Elizabeth Lavenza - adoptive sister and wife.
  • Henry Clerval - childhood friend.
  • Justine Moritz - friend and maid.

Key points

  • Creates the Creature but abandons him later.
  • The Creature avenges this neglect on Victor's family. He kills William, Elizabeth, Henry Clerval. Also indirectly kills Justine Moritz and Alphonse.Victor agrees to make the Creature a female companion but in a fit of rage ends up tearing this to pieces, only making the Creature even angrier.
    • Alphonse dies of grief following Elizabeth's death.
    • Justine is wrongfully convicted and executed for killing William.
  • After the deaths of Clerval and Elizabeth, Victor chases the Creature, eventually arriving at Walton's boat. When on the boat, Victor's condition worsens until he dies and following his death, the Creature boards the ship, bids his creator goodbye and vows that he's going to die as he has no purpose anymore.
    • His purpose = avenging his abandonment.
    • If Frankenstein is dead, then the Creature has


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