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Chapter 2: Frankenstein…read more

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As the chapter begins...
· Victor is serious and loud as a child, while Elizabeth
has a more calm and subdued personality.
From this we can see Victor's obsession with learning
and knowledge
"delighting in investigating their causes." -Interested in
nature and the physical world
"Deeply smitten with the thirst for knowledge"…read more

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Victor's personality is sometimes "violent and my passions
vehement." He dislikes learning languages, politics and
instead chooses to look into the study of science, which he
calls "the physical secrets of the world."
· Victor wants to learn all he can about the how's and why's of
the world whilst Henry and Elizabeth learn about normal stuff
· When he was 13 he discovered the works of `Cornelius
Cornelius Agrippa: A sixteenth-century scholar of the occult
· From then onwards, Victor becomes interested in natural
philosophy…read more

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Age 15, Victor observers a summer thunderstorm. This sparks
his interest in electricity and its possible uses. It gives victor
an opportunity to learn about science and technology.
· Victor sees how the lightning has the power of destruction
when a tree near their home is destroyed from a lightning
· This confirms his belief that electricity and "Galvanism" are
worthy subjects for further study.
· Mary Shelley hints that Victor uses his knowledge from the
science books and of electricity to create his monster. Shelley
makes Victor's interest very clear, so that the reader can
deduce that he will use this knowledge in his creation.…read more

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What is Galvanism?
· During the 1790s, Italian physician Galvani demonstrated
what we now understand to be the electrical basis of nerve
impulses when he made frog muscles twitch by jolting them
with a spark from an electrostatic machine.
· When Frankenstein was published, however, the word
galvanism implied the release, through electricity, of
mysterious life forces.…read more

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From this chapter we can see Frankenstein's thirst for
forbidden knowledge and his compulsive nature.
· Elizabeth's saintly nature contrasting with Frankenstein' dark
· Henry Clerval's openness contrasts with Victor Frankenstein's
secretive nature.…read more

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