frankenstein overview

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  • Frankenstein
    • Characters
      • VICTOR: obsessed with creation and begins his own downwards spiral
      • CREATURE: forced into being then shunned by all society
      • ELIZABETH: Victor's sister and lover, represented as a helpless woman
      • HENRY CLERVAL: friend of Victor, what he could have been
    • Themes
      • NATURE: Victor finds peace in nature, ironic as he goes against it
      • SCIENCE: the quest for knowledge has it's limits
      • SOCIETY: shuns the creature and causes him to turn to evil
    • Symbols
      • THE BIBLE: used to compare the creature to Adam, then as the devil
      • THE SUBLIME: beauty and fear combined
    • Quotes
      • 'I, the miserable and abandoned, am an abortion to be kicked' - Creature
      • 'I became capable of bestowing animation upon lifeless matter' - Victor
    • Interpretations
      • Psycho dynamic: Victor has many repressed emotions that come through creature
      • Doppel ganger: the Creature and Victor are the same
    • Context
      • Romanticism vs Enlighten
        • Rapid progress of science = a insight into the dangers
    • Structure
      • Epistolary form


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