Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Basics

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  • Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
    • Key Events
      • The monster kills William Frankenstein
      • Victor creates the monster
      • The monster tells Victor his story
      • The monster kills Henry Clerval
      • Justine Moritz is tried for Williams murder and is sentenced to death
      • Victor and Elizabeth get married
      • The monster kills Elizabeth
      • Victor goes to Ingolstadt University
      • The monster demands Victor to make him a female thats like him
      • Victor agrees to make a female fiend but destory its being before bringing it to life
      • Victor and Walton meet, become friends and Victor tells his story
    • Characters
      • Robert Walton
      • Elizabeth Lavenza
      • Victor Frankenstein
      • Henry Clerval
      • Margaret Saville
      • Justine Moritz
      • William Frankenstein
      • Ernest Frankenstein
      • De Lacey
      • Felix De Lacey
      • Agatha De Lacey
      • Safie
      • M. Waldman
      • M.Kempe
      • Alphonse Frankenstein
      • Caroline Frankenstein
      • Monster
    • Story Line
      • The novel begins with a series of letters to Margaret Saville from Robert Walton.
        • He speaks of his journey and of Victor Frankenstein, his newfound friend.
      • Chapter One to the end of Chapter Four describes Victor Frankensteins early life and his journey to creating the monster that is to be the centre of the novel.
      • The rest of the story shows Frankensteins dears of the creature that he created
        • It explore themes of social injustice, ambition and revenge
          • Furthermore, the story of the monster and the struggles it endured are told.
      • The novel ends with letters from Walton to M.Saville which recount the death of Victor and the monster grieving him.
    • Main Themes
      • Family
      • Social Injustice
      • Social Responsibility
      • Women
      • Ambition
      • Revenge
      • Nature


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