Variation, Reproduction and New Technology


Variation, Reproduction and New Technology

6.1 Inheritance

  • Organisms have similar characteristics to their parents.
  • Genes are passed in sex cells from parents to offspring.
  • Genes control the characteristics of your body.
  • In most body cells, the chromosomes are in pairs.

6.2 Types of Reproduction

  • In asexual reproduction there is no joining of gametes.
  • Clones are produced by asexual reproduction.
  • Clones are identical copies of one parent.
  • Sexual reproduction involves two parents and leads to variety in the offspring.

6.3 Genetic and environmental differences

  • Differences in individuals of the same kind can be due to their genes, the environment or both.
  • Plants may be affected by the lack of light, nutrients or space to grow.
  • Human development may be affected during pregnancy. If the mother smokes or drinks a lot of alcohol , the baby may have a small




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