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Adaptation and competition
Animals have a common name and a Latin scientific name so that scientists recognise
the Latin name, regardless of their language and common name for it.
Size of a population may be affected by competition for food, space + light; predators,
disease, pollution, temperature, amount of water…

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example rabbits with better hearing will be at an advantage to those with a lesser
hearing. ~So the lesser hearing rabbits will become extinct, due to being caught first etc.
Chromosomes are strands of DNA. DNA contains coded information that determines
how cells function. Short sections of a chromosome…

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and therefore lose less heat. This is called vasoconstriction.
The hairs on the body stick up. This happens because the tiny erector muscles contract.
Warm air circulates between the hairs, and forms a layer of insulation.

If the temperature is hot outside- The body sweats. The sweat is released from…

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