Useful little things to remember for the AQA Food Tech exam


Some useful things to know

Coeliac - Allergy to the protein gluten, found in wheat and grains

Diabetic  - Type 1: The immune system attack pancreas cells that produce insulin 

                 Type 2: Cells no longer respond to insulin

Insulin - Controls blood sugar levels

Vegetarian - Lacto ovo: No meat or fish but can eat dairy products

                    Vegan: Doesn't eat meat, dairy products, fish or wear animal products

                    Vegetarian: Doesn't eat meat, fish or dairy products

Amino acids make up proteins - HBV (High biological value) = meat,soya beans

(contains essential amino acids)

LBV (Low biological value) =

Food that contains protein but lacks some of the essential amino acids (these cannot be made by the body and must be obtained from other sources)

Bacteria need: TIME      MOISTURE      AIR




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