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Additives are a substance added to something in small quantities to improve or preserve it.
There are two types of additives: synthetic and natural.
Natural additives
Natural additives are found naturally in foods and they can be removed and be put in to
other foods. For example, caramelized sugar can be found in coca ­ cola to colour it.
Synthetic additives
Synthetic additives are made for a particular reason or purpose. For example, tartrazine is a
yellow coloured additive. It can be found in sweets. We use tartrazine to make sweets a
yellow colour.
Flavourings are used to add flavour to a product or to improve the flavour of a product. For
example, sugar can be added to make a product taste sweeter.
Preservatives give products a longer shelf life. This means that the person who bought the
product will not have to shop for a while and can save up some of their money so they can
buy other important things.



it is about additives

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