Unit G2 1.1 What is Demographic Change?

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1.1 What is demographic change?

  • demographic change = the net change in the population store caused by the inputs of birth and in-migration and the ouputs of death and out-migration
  • migration = the movement of people in and out of an area
  • Population distribution = the way in which a population is spread over an area
  • Population density = the number of people per specified area (can be shown on a choropleth map)
  • global population is increasing by 2.7 people per second
  • 95% of growth is in the less developed world
  • 1 in 3 people are aged under 15

Population growth:

  • 1820 - 1 billion
  • 1970 - 3 billion
  • 1999 - 6 billion
  • population growth is now rapid, approximately +1 billion people every 15 years

Factors affecting population growth:

  • Relief (how high land is) e.g. Himalays have low population, Nile Delta has higher as it is low, flat ground
  • Vegetation (can prevent


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